How to Increase Your Social Media Followers: The New Alternative to Fanbase

Who doesn't enjoy being recognized? Everyone does, right? But, whether you are trying to get a wider reach for your online business or simply being an advocate of yourself and your lifestyle, social media can do wonders for you only if you know how to play the right cards. And with the ever-changing social media algorithms, it isn't always the easiest task. But some secrets to attaining a strong, powerful audience and presence on social media remain unchanged.


Today, in 2022, anyone's social presence counts for a lot, whether as an individual, business, or organisation. With a good social media presence comes wide visibility, and with that comes increased engagement with other users, an increase in profits, recognition of your original self, and more. Yet, many individuals and businesses who are already big faces in the industry without their social media presence still strive for a powerful social media face. Why is that?


What a Powerful Social Media Fan Base Can Do for You?

A major part of our lives is wrapped around social media. And reasonably, because we like to stay in the limelight, social media has become a faster and more effective medium.


Here are some listed advantages that a large social media Fanbase can bring to your table:


      Getting a wider audience and inexpensively building brand awareness.

      Demonstrate your individuality or originality, helping you stand out from your competitors in a more effective manner.

      Encouraging direct engagement with users, increasing authority and brand loyalty.

      Build trust and establish a channel for providing easier and quick solutions to customers’ problems.

      Keep an eye on your competitors to understand their shortcomings and customer grievances so that you can offer a better customer experience.

      Understand your customer needs better and offer a more customized and valuable experience.

      Remain in the audience's conscience throughout the day with the help of engaging content.

      Opportunity to go viral and become a popular face in the global media. 


Thus, whatever your social media goals are, the ways to go about it aren't very distinct, and once you crack the code to gain a large social media presence, the benefits are simply too good to forego.


Exciting Social Media Statistics That Can Work in Your Favor


- Currently, nearly 4.5 billion social media users account for more than half of the population.

- Daily, social media users globally spend nearly 3 hours using different social platforms.

- 70% of social media users tend to recommend a brand to their friends and family upon having a positive experience.

- Over 90% of social media presence is via mobile devices.

- Over 60% of marketers give credit to short-form videos for their success in engagement

- 82% of social media marketers believe quality rather than quantity is more important in the case of social media posts.

- Over 50% of the social media population use apps for researching products.

- Over 80% of social media marketers repurpose their posted content through various social media platforms.


Effective Tips That Can Help You Increase Your Social Media Followers


Now that you're sold on the idea of working for an engaging social media presence, let's go over the techniques that can help you achieve that.


Know Your Audience


To attract more and more target audiences, you need to prove that you can consistently align with their needs. For instance, let's assume you have a makeup channel, and on your social media profiles, you update your fresh looks, the process, makeup tips, and so on. The audience that is following you must be looking forward to your content.


One way to assess your audience's needs better is by A/B testing your posts and realizing what seems to perform better. You can also host polls and ask questions on your stories, increasing your engagement with your users and learning what they expect from you.


Sometimes directly asking your consumers is all you need to work in your favor. And the more you become aware of your current customer's needs, the more you learn of their patterns so that you can use them to your benefit in appealing to a wider audience.


Timing is Directly Proportional to Engagement


How much engagement your content receives also depends on when you post it. There are dedicated time zones throughout the day when the social media presence remains the highest. Whether in the late evening when people return from work, in the morning after waking up, and so on, the more people that'll be online when you post your content, the better. Because quick and high engagement usually pushes your content for more and more reach.


Engage With Your Competitors


Communication is key, and it doesn't just limit your audience. We all love good old fun and trolling between brands, which often helps humanise even the bigger international brands. However, online reputation is quite fragile, and you have to play it safe.


Although you don't necessarily have to go on joking with your competitors, offering strong statements and suggestions to their posts, to your audience's posts and more, can help you poach their followers, leads, and more. Here again, it would help if you focused more on quality than quantity.


Rather than commenting everywhere with whatever you can, opt for posing relevant and powerful responses that intrigue a social media browser. This is called social listening, and it is a powerful way to channel and establish your brand awareness.


Do Not Buy into Followers


Fake profiles remain an imminent problem at social media platforms. And many are fascinated by the idea of buying instagram followers, thinking of it as a quick and easy way to increase your following. But the quality will do nothing for you then provide you with a solid number.


Social media handlers are becoming more and stricter about fake profiles rooting them out. And buying followers leaves the danger of your account being permanently deleted. Moreover, you don't get a higher engagement or any of the real benefits that a larger social media following can get you. So it's just better to focus more on quality than quantity.


Choose and Pick Your Platforms


A lot depends on which social media platform you choose to stay active in and who's your target audience. For instance, as a software engineer, you cannot expect higher engagement on Instagram or Tumblr for your technical blogs rather than on LinkedIn. Similarly, as a food blogger, your best probable mediums would be YouTube, Instagram, and so on.


First of all, remain dedicated to the type of content you'll deliver and, according to that research on what social media platforms are best applicable for you to attain a higher social media following. And the more the number of platforms, the better. You don't even have to focus on posting fresh content everywhere; just repurpose your content for each of them and post.


The Blue Tick Can do Wonders


The exclusive blue tick can immediately elevate your social media presence. However, each social media platform has its own set of requirements and regulations for accounts to earn the blue tick. And no matter how exclusive the blue tick remains, it is in no way reserved for popular celebrities and brands.


Study how you can attain the blue tick, and it can do wonders for your social media presence, as it is an effective way to establish brand trust and appearance.


Collaborate with Relevant Influencers and Brands


Being in the growth stage, crutching on the support of already established brands and influencers can help your social media prescience quickly and effectively. So dive into the world of social media influencers and use their popularity to your benefit. Lately, influencer marketing has become a popularly followed practice, as it helps humanize your brand.


In addition, it helps build customer trust and loyalty to your products upon hearing from a direct user they look up to for lifestyle tips. Similarly, whether it is through sponsored posts or competition campaigns, collaborate with brands that are directly and indirectly relevant to your field to increase engagement.


Give Back to Your Followers


For your followers to become an active voice for your brand face, you also need to give something back to them. Engage with them regularly, host polls and giveaways to increase engagement, and lead to higher excitement and engagement from your followers. You need to make your followers feel special if you want them to be an active voice and help you attain a larger online presence.


You can do it in many ways, for, e.g. Hosting shoutoutsSaturdays where you shout out to one or a few followers. Remember doing too many beats to make your followers feel special. You can also do it through consistent and active communication, by responding immediately or quickly to their comments and suggestions, and so on.


Careful Use of Hashtags


Regularly research what are the day's trending hashtags and use them to your benefit. However, do not spam your posts with irrelevant hashtags, which might lead to adverse results. Instead, whatever content you post, videos, stories, or pictures, make sure to cleverly induce top trending hashtags so that you get a higher reach but also don't run the risk of getting trolled.


Share Refined and Regular Content


Last but not least, although quality is a bigger priority than quantity, you cannot be posting well-crafted posts once in a blue moon. It would help if you had regular intervals as to when you post so that your followers know when to expect your content. There should be a wide road between flooding your social media feed with dull and abrupt content, remaining away from the spotlight, appearing once in a while, and disappearing again.


And it would be best if you were treading that road. It is okay if you can't dedicate all your time to your social media presence, but do dedicate some time to your day. There's no reward if there's no effort. And remember to stay original and creative, to be remembered. 


Final Words


Great power comes with great responsibility, and the same stands for social media presence. Just as there are many benefits to having a large social media fan base, even the slightest deterrence in quality or the misdoings can be put under extreme scrutiny. Hope these ten tips help your social media journey, and you achieve whatever your social media goals are!